MSSE2021 MSSE2021

International Young

Scientists Conference

on Materials Science and

Surface Engineering

September 22-24, 2021

Lviv, Ukraine



We invite young scientists (under 40 y.o.) to take part in active knowledge exchanging, skills building, mind reloading and ideas sharing – in MSSE-2021! Don’t plan anything for end-September, since that’s when MSSE-2021 is going to happen!

This fall from 22th till 24th of September 2021 MSSE-2021 will bring together young scientists working in various fundamental and applied fields (full list of topic see here) in one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, in magnificent Lviv. MSSE-2021 program will include invited lectures by scientists, oral presentations by young scientists, social events and excursions.

Year by year our team strives for excellence in every aspect of the Conference. But what’s the most important for every event? Of course, it’s the participants. So do not hesitate and join the event! All you need is to submit your report (registration form), present it at MSSE-2021 and enjoy your time!

The best conference presentations containing new, original results will be selected for publication in the Journal of Physical and Chemical Mechanics of Materials, which is translated by Springer Verlag into English version entitled “Materials Science”.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty and worldwide effects of COVID-19 because of this year the Conference will be held in a hybrid mode, comprising on-line and off-line participation.

The event is supported by Lviv Convention Bureau and co-financed by Programme "Support package for development of conference industry in Lviv".

Looking forward to seeing you either online or, hopefully, in person here in Lviv, on September 22-24, 2021.





  • - challenges and opportunities in materials science and surface engineering;

  • - nanostructured materials, materials for energy applications, ceramics, composites, wear resistant materials, biomaterials and materials with special properties;

  • - material processing and fabrication techniques for functional surfaces including novel techniques such as 3D printing and self-assembly;

  • - surface modification and coating techniques for functional surfaces, coatings and films;

  • - tribology in transportation engineering and industrial machinery;

  • - corrosion resistant materials, coatings and films;

  • - corrosion control and protection including inhibitory, biocidal protection and electrochemical protection;

  • - fundamental aspect of material degradation process under the joint action of corrosion and cyclic loading (corrosion fatigue), wear (tribo-corrosion) and stress corrosion cracking;

  • - applied mechanics and mechanics of materials;

  • - fracture and strength on functional materials;

  • - prediction of the resource of long-term operation objects;

  • - diagnostic of materials, constructions and systems;

  • - methods and facilities of measurement, monitoring and analysis in materials science;

  • - new methods of non-destructive control and their-practical application;